Elba Community Board

ELBA 8th meeting

Joonho Son
2018-03-17 15:50
1. Meeting Date: 3/17/18
Volunteering Date: 3/17/18

2. People who came: Jiho Ahn, Jessica Choi, Mijung Jung, Ahyoung Son, and Joonho Son

3. What we made: Rabbit with Cup and paper

4. Materials: Korean traditional origami paper, markers, plastic cups, scissors, poster papers, and boiled eggs

5. Reflection; 7/10
had leftover time (about 15 minutes)
low satisfaction - they did not bring them to their rooms
pretty creative
a good way to use leftover materials -

6. Next Meeting Date: 4/14/18

7. Next Art Project Ideas:
1. Origami
2. Carnation
3. Tree (Earth day)
4. Talent Show
5. Old fashioned Korean games in the tournament