Our goal is to learn about maintaining a business and how to develop a product to be eventually released to the public.

Through our array of smart individuals and powerful teamwork and cooperation, we hope to successfully create a IT company that will thrive even in this competitive era.

We will always seek to develop a product that is refined, easy to use, and distinguishable from our competitors.


Currently, our company is divided into two parts – Developing and Marketing.

  1. The developing team, which includes the 5 of the members, is currently learning how to code in order to create a java program for an Android device that will help students learn about the new SAT test and the AP Subjects.
  2. The marketing team stands ready to advertise and look for potential markets to release our products.
  3. The developers will start work in Wednesday and Thursday nights to code their products, working as a team in the Skype chat to deliver an application that is both original and useful.

Board Member Directory

Name(position) School Grade Graduation year Email
Jaeo Youn (President) Cypress High School 11th 2017 jy3418@hotmail.com
Jaemin Park (Vice President) University High School 10th 2018 jmpark00611@gmail.com
Junku Jun Beckman High School 11th 2017 junku1017@gmail.com
Jiwon You Crean Lutheran High School 11th 2017 aidennyou@gmail.com
Sean Chang Troy High School 10th 2018 seanchiang226@gmail.com

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