iChinese is an organization by group of students who can speak Chinese fluently. The mission of iChinese is to provide opportunities for students to expose their talent by teaching Chinese. We empower students by challenging them to teach foreign language to others who are not Chinese. Each student will pay a tuition that will help support us to donate money to the people in need in Peru and China through Global Achievement Project (GAP). iChinese is a great opportunity to show and use individual’s ability to speak Chinese to make a better society.

Board Member Directory

Name(position) High School Grade Graduation year Phone Number Email
Chaewon Hwang (president) Arnold O Beckman 11th 2017 949 767 7005 bowsally@gmail.com
Yewon Hwang (vice president) Arnold O Beckman 9th 2019 949 697 1462 yewonhwang02@gmail.com
Hailing Ding (vice president) Arnold O Beckman 9th 2019 949 438 8533 hailing.ding@gmail.com
Annie Yang (teacher) Arnold O Beckman 9th 2019 949 449 3354 annieyang579@gmail.com
Michelle Tang (teacher) Arnold O Beckman 9th 2019 714 510 6977 Michellet6986@gmail.com

Class Date

• 11/7/2015~4/16/2016
• Every Saturday 3pm-4pm


• $7/per week
• $168/24week

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